Field Notes

From The Field

We grew up in a small town outside of Waco called China Spring, there wasn't much for Caleb and I to do except be outside. We had a massive garden, as well as goats and chickens. My mom made every meal from for real, she milled the grains for homemade bread…from scratch. One of my earliest memories is drinking goat milk and harvesting snow peas from the garden. Understanding the importance of where our food comes from, growing and harvesting our food or locally sourcing quality ingredients remains integral to our family culture. The connection between what we consume, our land and wildlife sparked our passion for the outdoor lifestyle.

We grew up fishing with my dad in local rivers and lakes around our small town. Conventional fishing for bass and catfish. My dad still enjoys being on the water and casting lines whenever possible, now that he is discovering fly fishing with us. As for hunting, full disclosure, we were late bloomers to the hunting world. Hunting was something we talked a lot about when were kids, but it never happened. Our dad always worked full-time and kept an occasional side job, so there wasn't always time. My first hunting experience was an adult here in Lockhart hunting doves with one of our welders Ricky, and his family.

We found Lockhart because we were hunting here after work about 5 years ago. We would drive through the downtown square on our way back to Austin. We quickly realized that Lockhart had culture, community, and plenty of BBQ.

Since then, we have immersed ourselves in the outdoor lifestyle, learning about wild game preparation and cooking techniques through our experiences with friends and family.

My father-in-law, Tim, has played an enormous roll in opening the door for our hunting experiences. He has been hunting mule deer in West Texas for 20 years. This hunt was always talked about throughout the years, and I always wanted to tag along. I was finally invited to attend after I proposed to (my now wife) Annie and now the west Texas mule deer hunt has become a family tradition.

From hunting doves in South Texas, to discovering creeks and rivers in Central Texas, all the way to hunting mule deer in West TX. We are hooked. We make genuine efforts to prioritize this outdoor lifestyle, which is a balancing act as our brand is growing and evolving at a such a fast pace. In 2021 Annie, Caleb and I all spent some quality time standing in rivers casting fly rods and drinking an occasional beer when the fish turned off.

A memorable hunt for Annie happened this past September when our friends from Tierra Y Mar Hunt Club invited us to participate in their annual dove hunt at Paloma Pachanga in Hondo, Tx. Annie’s dad was so excited for her that he gave her their family heirloom, a Browning 20-gauge shotgun.

It’s important that we do things as a family, not just Annie, Caleb and I but our extended family of friends. There’s a fundamental connection between community, live fire cooking and hunting and fishing. It’s part of our history as human beings that is so easy to forget. Harvesting your food from the wild and cooking with fire is why we are all here today.

The process, the people, the food - this is our escape. It’s our time to disconnect and tune into life in real time. Our passion for hunting, fishing and exploring drives our creative process.

Caleb and I often talk about the fact that we are finally living the life that we promised each other that we would when we were kids. Now, we're in a position to use our brand to amplify our stories and create products that improve outdoor experiences, from the backyard to hunt and fish camps.