Austin Chronicle: Mill Scale Metalworks Handcrafts Barbecue Smokers of the Stars

By Rod Machen, FRI., FEB. 21, 2020

For Texas barbecue lovers who take matters into their own hands, cooking a brisket that's up to par with the current masters of the craft is serious business – and the right smoker is key. Enter Mill Scale Metalworks.

In Central Texas, Mill Scale creates custom smokers worthy of heirloom status. Co-owners and brothers Matt and Caleb Johnson are producing work so far beyond the thin tin jobs at Home Depot that it's almost a travesty to mention them in the same sentence. Whether it's a 94-gallon backyard model, a smaller yakitori grill, or a thousand-gallon monster meant for the largest of commercial operations, the steel coming out of Mill Scale is on a whole 'nother level.