Lockhart: BBQ and Beyond

Photos by Robert Gomez

Long synonymous with barbecue in the Lone Star State, Lockhart’s fame for all things smoked and delicious extends far beyond Texas. Any serious BBQ tourist knows that a visit to Lockhart is a vital part to any smoked meat bucket list. The city’s contribution to Texas ’cue was recognized officially by the Texas Legislature in 2003 when lawmakers designated Lockhart as the “Barbecue Capital of Texas.”

The history of barbecue in Lockhart goes as far back as we can trace the history of barbecue anywhere in Texas, and the legacies of the fine joints in Lockhart continue to this day. Barbecue will always be a part of Lockhart, and it is integral to its future—but coals of the pit aren’t the only embers burning brightly. Recent growth and development are ushering in an exciting new future for the town, ensuring that Lockhart will soon be as closely associated with business and culture as it is with barbecue.