Field Notes

Getting Closer

In late November of 2022, a close friend of ours, Emily Wylie a Force of Nature meat marketer and mom of two free ranging little explorers, expressed interest in harvesting her first deer. This hunt would create a stronger connection to the food source, the land that supports it, and bring awareness to the invasive axis deer population in Texas. A small group of friends and family (with support from some of the most authentic outdoor brands) came together to make it happen.

Thank you to our friends who made this possible - Duck Camp, Turtlebox Audio, Pecos Outdoor, and Force of Nature Meat.

Special thanks to our guides Marshall Seedorf and Gregg Ring, the film production team of Knox Kronenburg and Luke Yelich of Packsaddle Productions, Max Frisbie our Culinary Director at Mill Scale, and Morgan Weeks food wizard with Force of Nature. 

Check out the video below.