New Pals


New Pals

Join us in Lockhart, TX on Friday, Nov 3rd, for a celebration of Live-Fire.

We'll be kicking off the annual Texas Monthly BBQ Fest weekend with Old Pal and Lambert's the only way we know how - food, fire and friends! All are welcome. Enjoy a special menu offerring by Lambert's 6pm-9pm at Old Pal. Live music by Summer Dean at 9:30PM.

See you there!

A Night with New Pals: Texas Live Fire Dinner
Mill Scale x Old Pal Bar x Lamberts Friday, November 3rd

Half Rack Smoked Lamb Rib
Aji Amarillo & Habanero Mop, Onion & Oregano Escabeche

Oak Grilled Pork Steak Kebabs
Maple Sugar & Black Pepper Rub, Chinese Mustard BBQ Sauce, Snow Pea Leaves

Lamberts Original Hotlink
Original or Jalapeno Cheddar

Chef Kyle’s Macaroni Salad

Cashew Lime Coleslaw

Birds Eye Chili & Garlic Snow Pea Leaves
Smoked Beef Tallow

Chili Cheddar Rice