High and Away High and Away High and Away High and Away


High and Away

Austin, Texas – September 14, 2023 – High and Away is an exploration of nine baseball visions, intertwined in an old house, from up on high. This exhibition celebrates the movement and mythology of “America’s Pastime” through studied projections of its dance, characters, and hypnotic memories. Situated in the High House Gallery at the Long Time, the exhibition, like the grounds that surround it, is a manifestation of a dream, one where the bat cracks, the crowd roars, and after, the slow jog so effortless that you don’t remember touching home.

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 12, 6PM - 10PM

The Long Time, 5707 Dunlap Rd N, Austin, TX 78725
Artist Line up:
Cruz Ortiz: @cruzortizart
Kathie Sever: @ tinybreakdancer
Will Johnson: @willjohnsontx
Tim Kerr: @movetk
Lauren Naplitano: @peptalks
Jack Sanders: @dba_jacksanders
Maura Ambrose: @folkfibers
Daedelus Hoffman: @uthinkualreadyknow
Matt Orr: @roseoftherodeo
Liz Gutierrez: @laropavintage

Days/Dates/Hours of Operation
Thursday, October 12, 6PM - 10PM - Opening Reception
Friday, October 13, by appointment only
Saturday, October 14, 12PM – 6PM – Sandlot World Series
Sunday, October 15, by appointment only
Friday, November 3, by appointment only
Saturday, November 4, 12PM – 6PM – Closing Reception on Spaceflight Day

To make an appointment, email hey@thelongtime.com